Values & Differentiators

As insurance and reinsurance executives, we found that midsized carriers keep finding it harder and harder to control costs and compete with the larger national carriers. To make matters worse carriers, brokers, and vendors like us were truly underserved by the consulting and technology industry. When you are a small fish in a big pond, you suffer poor workmanship, and never get the proper attention of the largest consulting and technology firms. At DataCede, we only serve the midsized market and put you and your challenges at the center of our focus. We have proven there is a better way for midsized insurance carriers, brokers, and vendors to get the attention and the quality of service that they need to innovate, control expenses, and service their policyholders at a fair price. We have the experience and know-how to tackle whatever challenges you face.

We specialize in providing a personalized service experience and identifiable value. We offer our unique experience to create custom business solutions that are tailored to your needs and budgets.

DataCede Values Poster

The DataCede Difference

  • We are industry experts and technologists
  • We understand the needs and frustrations of the industry
  • We have deep domain experience
  • We employ in-depth internal IT skills, training, & testing
  • We enjoy high employee retention rates
  • We have extensive geographic reach with resources throughout the world
  • We use comprehensive screening & assessment techniques to employ the best talent