The Cloud Revolution

The Cloud Revolution

Posted on November 19, 2014.

The Cloud Technology Revolution

“The cloud is the new normal.” At least that is what Andy Jassy, the head of Amazon Web Services believes. During his keynote address at AWS’ annual re:Invent converence in Las Vegas, Jassy explained that, “Companies of every size are deploying new applications by default to the cloud and large companies are trying to work out how to migrate more of their applications as fast as possible.”

Rather than being confined to a supportive role in the world of enterprise IT, innovative leaders in the industry are proclaiming that the cloud will disrupt all existing enterprise infrastructure. The flexibility to meet bandwidth needs along with the increase in efficiency and cost savings on technology infrastructure and capital is a big incentive for most companies.

According to a survey performed by Gigaom Research, 53% of large enterprises say they already do or are planning to use public cloud resources for analytic needs when it comes to big data. Only 13% say that they would use private data centers for all analytic processes.

However, in order for the cloud to become the basis of all enterprise IT operations, it is necessary to understand and address the issues and concerns that come along with cloud adaptation. Security considerations, lack of existing industry certifications, and the complexity of the cloud and its impact on existing processes, tools, and infrastructure are significant concerns to those in the industry.

With major players like Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft investing time and money into improving their cloud based service offerings, it is only a matter of time before the cloud revolution profoundly impacts businesses of all types.

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