DataCede wins Nuclear Electric Insurance Reinsurance Processing

DataCede wins Nuclear Electric Insurance Reinsurance Processing

Posted on February 26, 2018 by DataCede Admin.

Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited Selects DataCede’s CedeRight Reinsurance System

DataCede is pleased to announce that Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (NEIL) has selected DataCede’s CedeRight reinsurance system to administer and manage their reinsurance program. NEIL will gain a comprehensive solution capable of handling their multiple reinsurance structures utilizing CedeRight’s easy to use and learn navigation interface with strong functionality to handle complex reinsurance contracts. According to NEIL’s Membership Experience Manager, Adam Kolodczak, “NEIL was searching for an automated solution which could handle their current reinsurance needs but would also be scalable as the company grew. And we were also impressed by DataCede’s team and their straight forward approach and ability to listen to our needs throughout the demonstration and selection process. “

NEIL has become the latest P&C carrier to select the CedeRight system. As Phil Masin, DataCede’s COO noted, ” We welcome NEIL to our growing CedeRight customer base. Since we first met the NEIL team we knew our solution would be a great fit for their needs and we also saw how closely aligned our business model fits theirs. While we’re in the initial stages of the project we can see how well our teams mesh as we look forward to bringing the CedeRight system into operation in the near future. And with our cloud delivery SaaS solution, we’re excited about the synergies NEIL will receive to improve both their organizational efficiency and effectiveness.”

NEIL insures electric utilities for damages to insured sites, decontamination expenses incurred at such sites arising from nuclear contamination, other risks of direct physical loss at such sites, certain premature decommissioning costs, and the costs associated with certain long-term interruptions of electricity supply.

DataCede specializes in providing management consulting and technology solutions to insurance carriers, vendors and brokers looking for a competitive edge, with personalized service and identifiable value. Headquartered in Princeton NJ area, DataCede reinsurance system, CedeRight, leverages modern technology to simplify the reinsurance administration process and create immediate value for carriers large and small

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