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Supporting You Through the Entire Selection & Evaluation Process

DataCede understands the challenges companies face when selecting the right enterprise system. As capabilities continue to evolve and the underlying technologies change, what seems a good fit on the surface today may not provide the necessary flexibility for the future. Vendor viability, software reliability and ease of implementation must also be considered.

Our Software Vendor Evaluation Process is Different

Choosing the right enterprise system requires an organized approach, from collecting operating data, building the business case, analyzing key requirements, screening vendors and organizing demonstrations. DataCede’s experienced consultants can help you navigate this process by:

  1. Focusing on Differentiators:
    In understanding your business our software selection consultants focus on the things that make your organization unique from others and what makes enterprise software vendors different from one another. We utilize this information into a concise RFI to use in our initial vendor qualifications.

  2. Quickly Establishing The Proper Vendors:
    Our software selection consultants shorten the list of candidate vendors in a three-step process that gets you to the right solution without taking time away from your project team.

  3. Evaluating Both Implementation Consultants & Software Vendors:
    Often times software projects fail due to the lack of qualifications in the implementation consulting firm. Our vendor introduction and reference-checking phases ensures that both consultants and vendors are the right fit.

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