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Evolve Beyond the Spreadsheet

Are you still processing your reinsurance with spreadsheets or inflexible legacy applications? Streamline your efforts with DataCede’s cloud delivered reinsurance solution, CedeRight. With its powerful new functionality and easy accessibility, CedeRight helps companies of all sizes manage their reinsurance exposures, identify recoveries, process ceded and assumed contracts, and gain access to a comprehensive audit trail.

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CedeRight Devices


Automates bill production and calculates paid, case and incurred. Provides a full audit trail for all calculations, produces statements, bordereaux, cover letters, footnotes, supporting details and email integration.


Regardless of experience, the average error rate is 7% - 14% not billed correctly when using spreadsheets.


Robust business intelligence and reporting features along with real-time management reports, alerts and exception reporting, KPI tracking and feeds financial accounting and reporting systems (GL, Schedule F).


CedeRight supports the most complicated Reinsurance Structures: Excess of Loss (Aggregate and Per Occurrence), Quota Share / Proportional, Treaty and Facultative and Integrates deductible and inuring reinsurance relationships.


Timely analysis and reconciliation of incoming and outgoing data. Enables analysis of net exposures at any point in the billing cycle, review of full policy and claim details, real-time access to historical data and alerts for sunset notices, errors and exclusions.

Affordable & Simple

Unlike "bought software" and legacy applications you must run and maintain, CedeRight gets you up and running fast and without the pain of protracted projects and setup complexities.

Why Choose CedeRight?

CedeRight provides the benefits of a comprehensive software processing system without the work & expense.

  • Treaty & Facultative
  • Assumed & Ceded
  • Cloud Delivered
  • Modern Technology
  • User Friendly
  • No Capital Outlays
  • No Maintenance Charges
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Advantages of Enterprise Reinsurance Administration

CedeRight is a cloud based solution that is affordable, fast, and easy to use.

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CedeRight Provides Automated Reinsurance Processing to Companies of All Sizes

CedeRight is the only true SaaS reinsurance processing model in the industry today. Users have the benefit of a comprehensive software model without the work and expense. Our service is based on a powerful processing algorithm that takes reinsurance processing to the next level. In the SaaS model the user involvement is limited to providing information on contracts and trading partners. Once the data is input, CedeRight produces reinsurance bills and notices, reflecting the client's claim and premium experience. CedeRight replaces unwieldy spreadsheets and takes the worry out of reinsurance processing. The data is accurate and provides an auditable and defensible record to maximize your reinsurance recoverables. CedeRight provides carriers — large and small — with a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use reinsurance administration solution.

Evolve Beyond the Spreadsheet

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